You in MY world




I want this



I want this


Long Exposures of 80s Video Games

Created by Rosemarie Fiore

(via: Retroist)

Sexy ass gun

Sexy ass gun

It escapes me
Although me…
It used to be
Its been voided
Outcast and scrutinized
I try to let It in
Yet in the shade It hides

The thought process of a man…and a woman vary greatly.

i shall wish no more

for wishes leave me whisless

hoping for unattainable things


transparent thoughts 

which lead to broken manifestations 

of thoughts and visions

of something successfull


I’m confused…
Don’t know what to think…
My mind seems to be working…
Yet i don’t blink.
Feelings are questioned
I feel this way, why?
Was It something i did?
Please tell me why

Its crazy
This feeling i feel
It felt so
…so…… Yea
Just To be questioned
In every aspect…
But what did i expect?
Movie style introductions that don’t happen for real?
Or novel relationships that spark from broken heels?
But this was …was
Well i thought It was real
Or seemed to be
Now I’m wondering reality
What went wrong?